Three Dimensional Training

Three Dimensional Training®

A consultative, customized approach to
insurance education 
Take your agency to the next level with Three Dimensional Training

Three Dimensional Training® is our premier, holistic approach to insurance education. Our unique program integrates adult learning techniques and client-focused strategies while positioning the agency to reduce E&O exposures.

The result is a comprehensive program that interlaces Three Dimensions of agency success

  • Better protection for your clients' assets

  • Increased sales

  • Reduced E&O exposures

Designed around the way adults actually learn.

This means less class time, a better learning environment, and deep seated learning that participants will remember and understand long after their classes are complete.

Learn the carrier forms used in your agency.

Three Dimensional Training® is focused on studying the forms most important to your agency. If your agency uses particular surplus lines forms, we can train your employees using those forms rather than teaching only one standard form like most programs. Taking classes that teach standardized forms and trying to apply that knowledge to proprietary forms yourself is just not that effective. Why not train on the forms you actually sell? The training is highly customized to your needs, not some generic coverage form you may rarely use.

Learn to communicate coverage in consumer language.

We recognized that simply learning coverage does not provide the tools required to explain coverage to insureds. Our program helps participants learn how to explain coverage to insureds so they understand why they need to buy particular coverages and limits. We help de-commoditize insurance. This is why Three Dimensional Training® results in higher sales.

Customized to fit your needs.

Your staff does not have to leave the agency for the classes:

  • Classes are performed live via Zoom.

  • Each class is 60 minutes in length.

  • No employee downtime, backlog, and the need to cover a desk.

Three Dimensional Training® is the ONLY training program our clients have found which has been consistently proven to increase sales, compel insureds to purchase more of the coverages and limits they need, and decrease agency E&O exposures, while conveying deep coverage learning experiences to producers and account managers.

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