Three Education

Three Dimensional Training® offers three customizable tracks to meet your agency's needs:

A La Carte: The first track is an a la carte program where you can choose whichever 10 (minimum) classes you want in a given curriculum. We have curriculums for personal lines, commercial lines, and our fantastic cyber program.

Niche: The second track is to choose one of our niche programs such as business income and extra expense (four classes), commercial liability (seven classes), commercial auto (seven classes), or commercial property (five classes).

Designation: The third track is our professional designation program. Specifically for agencies desiring to truly set themselves apart from the pack, we offer three levels of designations:

1) Individual Coverage Designation: Certified by The National Board of Coverage Professionals. We have four such programs: 1) Commercial Lines which has 27 mandatory classes and five electives; 2) Personal Lines which has 11 mandatory classes and two electives; 3) Business Income which has 10 mandatory classes; and 4) Cyber which has 15 mandatory classes. Certified participants will earn the Insurance Professional for Client Protection designation.

2) Agency Wide Coverage Designation: Certified by the National Board of Coverage Professionals.

3) Similar to “ISO 9000/Six Sigma” Level Agency Certification.

Certified Coverage Professional

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