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Professional Designation: Business Income

Certified Coverage Professional

Business income (BI) coverage has been identified as one of the two most important coverages CFOs desire (the other being cyber). Yet, business income is one of the least understood and most undersold coverages because producers do not understand it. Business income is, without a doubt, complex. Truly learning business income requires considerable effort and time. Business income done well, done professionally, is not a “BOPable” coverage. “It’s included on the BOP so we should all be good!” definitely does not apply.

The E&O exposures relative to business income are about to explode too. Business valuation associations are pushing valuation experts and related plaintiff attorneys to explore their business opportunities related to an agent’s failure to provide the correct or adequate business income coverages. These business valuation experts are often quite knowledgeable (as a business valuation expert myself, I participate in their classes so I see firsthand what is happening) relative to understanding how businesses make money and determining how much money a business is likely to make in the future. This is their job. This is their profession. Frankly, they understand these factors far better than 90% of insurance people I’ve met.

To realize the sales opportunity and defend the E&O exposure simultaneously, Burand Insurance Education, LLC has created the Business Income Professional Designation.  We have created a six-part course for learning business income and gaining the ability to explain business income engagingly.

I am uniquely qualified to create this program because no one else in the industry, to my knowledge, possesses:

  1. I am a Certified Business Appraiser. This is a difficult certification to obtain. Possessing this certification is my ticket, literally, into the meetings where the Plaintiff bar is presenting. This is why I know what is happening on the plaintiff side of the business income claims world.

  2. I am a certified E&O instructor and a certified E&O auditor. I’m fairly certain no one else possess both E&O certifications AND a CBA.

  3. I have created a new, in depth, and original approach to teaching business income that, if followed, is going to assist your agency in reducing E&O exposures while increasing sales and improving relationships with clients.

This is your opportunity to become the best, most professional business income expert in your territory. This is your opportunity to stand above competitors. This is your opportunity to be known as the expert in the coverage more important to key clients. This is your opportunity to be trusted for addressing the most important coverage in these clients’ minds. This is your opportunity and choice. What choice will you make?

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