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Why Our
Insurance Education

Our approach is based on the way adults actually learn.  Rather than sleeping through another boring lecture or "teaching to the test," our students engage with the material and devlop real life solutions that apply to their personal situations. 

Empower Your
Agency's Success

Burand Insurance Education's holistic approach to insurance training arms agencies with the tools their employees need to protect their clients' needs, increase sales and reduce E&O exposures.


The standard P&C sales approach is to compare policies and advise clients based on these comparisons. This approach is riddled with 'insurance jargon' and does not resonate with clients. One reason disrupters are (or will) successfully invading your market is their communication approach enables a superior client connection, even though their insurance skill doesn’t compare!

Our Services

Our Services
Dimensional Training®

This is our premier approach to online insurance training. Our unique program integrates adult learning techniques and client-focused strategies while positioning the agency to reduce E&O exposures.

Exposure Checklist Coaching

Insureds often do not know and often do not care about the world of insurance coverages. Insureds care about whether their EXPOSURES are covered. 

Total Asset Protection (TAP)

It's time to TAP into More Profits!

Learn how to Sell Protection and Assign Costs.

The Agency School®

The Air Force called their elite training the “Top Gun School.” It was only open to the best-of-the-best pilots with the discipline and the drive to achieve maximum performance.


“I found Thursday’s session with Chris to be incredibly insightful. I feel like I truly learned a lot of valuable information about the industry. I admittedly was not looking forward to a day long training but it went incredibly fast and I didn’t find myself bored or my mind wandering. It really helped me gain a deeper understanding of our business which I think will better help me support our divisions and the company overall.
"I had taken a Finance 101 course through CIAB earlier this summer. This was an okay course, I learned a bit, but not anything that stood out or helped me feel better prepared to make an impact in my role. The Burand session was the complete opposite. Thank you for including me in the group and I look forward to the future sessions.”

Leading  Commercial
Account Manager

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