Total Asset Protection (TAP)

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Learn how to Sell Protection: Agents do not sell insurance. They protect their clients’ assets. Insurance is simply the most common means for providing that protection. Imagine you were selling fertilizer. A person buying fertilizer does not want fertilizer. They want a green lawn and healthier crops. The fertilizer is simply the means to the end just like insurance is the means to the end for protecting your clients’ assets. The catch is to make “protecting assets” as tangible as a green lawn and healthy crops.

Learn how to Assign Costs: Cost is obviously important to customers. Cost is also tangible. So turn cost around and make it work in your favor. Help your clients realize insurance is only one part of the big picture and the big picture is critical to their financial security. Show them the whole picture is much more than the policy premium.

Learn how to show your clients how you will provide Total Asset Protection while saving them money. The result? Better protection for your clients and more profits for you.

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