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If you're serious about growing profits, then it's time to go back to school!


The Air Force called their elite training the “Top Gun School.” It was only open to the best-of-the-best pilots with the discipline and the drive to achieve maximum performance.

That’s what The Agency School® is all about. This is an exclusive training program for insurance agency owners, executives and managers created to make the best agency managers even better. It’s the first program built on 20 years of industry research revealing the differences between average and above-average agency success.

Learn the Keys to Professional Agency Management. In today’s competitive environment, professionally managed agencies have a distinct advantage. An efficient, well-run agency is more attractive to carriers, clients and employees. A professionally managed agency proactively manages every aspect of operations to create an environment in which producers and CSRs thrive, generating profitable sales at a faster than average rate. The hours spent managing nagging problems are eliminated. The agency runs more smoothly and more profitably.

Agency owners and managers have never before had an opportunity to learn what it takes to manage an agency professionally from A-Z. Most often, concepts are picked up piecemeal. As a result, some issues are never addressed, others are never thoroughly resolved and optimal management is never achieved. The Agency School® offers a structured method to achieve that comprehensive knowledge.

Learn how to run your agency more smoothly and profitably. Efficient managers spend fewer hours managing (and more time selling). Gain a complete education with integrated sessions held over an 18 to 36 month period covering key components of successful management with time between sessions to begin implementing improvements immediately.


Benefit from a real world education with immediate application. This is NOT a "Feel-Good Weekend Workshop." This is a long-term commitment to agency growth and success. The Agency School® is conducted over an 18 to 36 month period with one session every quarter. Each attendee will be required to complete homework related to the subjects covered in the most recent session. 

This School will more than pay for itself many times over! Your managers will leave with the ability to create the most significant competitive advantage ever desired: A focused core strength that leads to relentless, repeatable success. Studies of thousands of corporations have identified this competitive advantage to be the key to being #1 in any industry. This School has been crafted specifically for independent insurance agents to gain this advantage. It is not available anywhere else.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explode your profits and grow your company while spending less time with hands on management. Contact us today to learn how! 

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