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Niche Program: Property

Why do you need Burand Insurance Education’s awesome five-part Property Niche Program:

  1. You better get it right!

  2. Property is probably the #1 thing in which clients associate insurance. You don’t want to get this one wrong.

  3. Your client knows exactly what they want to be paid. Is the value correct? Can you effectively communicate the different valuation methods?

  4. Building codes only get more complex. Does your client have Ordinance & Law coverage? Do you completely understand what you are offering and who needs it?

  5. Technology! Enough said. Homes and businesses have more technology than ever and it is not cheap. Learn how Equipment Breakdown coverage is absolutely necessary.

E&O Exposures are Getting BIGGER!

Due to the multiple large recent natural catastrophes that left many insureds, both in personal lines and commercial, realizing their insurance policies provided inadequate coverage to fully rebuild, insurance departments and the plaintiff bar are more attuned to agents not providing or even suggesting the right coverages, much less adequate property limits. One of the most misunderstood aspects of property coverage is the additional forms and limits that need to be understood and addressed. I recently saw a $7 million E&O claim where the agency lost, justifiably lost, because they did not offer the correct property coverages. The correct limits were an entirely different story.

Additionally, with technology that exists today, less reason exists for not offering the correct limits. We will help our participants understand the coverages and how to identify the limits and do so in a manner whereby they can more effectively communicate with their clients and prospects.

Do you want to be more effective, have better client relationships, make more money, and decrease your chances of being sued?

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