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Niche Program: Business Income

Why do you need Burand Insurance Education’s awesome five-part Business Income Niche Program?

  1. You need it to do your job right.

  2. To do your job right when selling commercial insurance, agents absolutely must have a deep discussion with their clients regarding Business Income.  Business Income is one of the most important exposures commercial clients have, probably more important than their property.

  3. Yet most producers, per E&O audits, fail to have a complete Business Income discussion with their clients.

  4. This leads to missed revenue.

  5. It also leads to materially higher E&O exposures.

And those E&O Exposures are Getting BIGGER!


Not only does the plaintiff bar teach attorneys how to sue companies and agencies on this subject, a new specialty track exists to teach accountants, business appraisers, and others how to calculate the amount of coverage the client needed that you did not sell. They teach the differences between policies, period of restoration, the various types of business interruption calculations, and the “claim opportunities.” This program lasts 2.5 days. Now seriously, do you think your last business income class covered everything they are going to cover in 2.5 days? 

Do you want to be outclassed? Do you want to be sued? 

Or, do you want to make more money and have happier clients?

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