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Three Dimensional Training® was tested for 2.5 years before launching. We learned early we had to set minimum requirements for the participants. These expectations are not negotiable. Our expectations created distress for some people who thought they could coast through this program like they’ve coasted through many current education programs. Three Dimensional Training® has zero room for coasting. Our expectations and requirements of participants are:

  • They must possess a strong desire to learn.

  • They must be able to learn.

  • We require homework be completed after every class to test the participants commitment and ability to learn.

  • Our testing, for the designation, is case study based which requires participants to prove they have gained a deep understanding of the class. 

  • All participants must be willing and able to read policies and forms before beginning. If a participant is not willing, they will not be allowed in the program.  If they are willing but do not know how to read policies/forms, then we will gladly conduct a preliminary class (or two if necessary) teaching them how to read forms and policies. This will cost extra but reading forms and policies well is essential for a professional agent and agency. Reading forms and policies will be required throughout this program so this skill is an essential ability to make this education program most beneficial.

After completion, the beta test participants had so much more knowledge they found their relationships with clients improved, creating more engagement. Their ability to quickly identify issues with the insured’s existing policy improved their ability to gain new clients. This education has also proven to be the most effective cross-sell/upsell tool they probably possess.

Three Dimensional Training® is power epitomized. If you want the confidence of knowing your coverages, identifying your clients’ exposures, and helping them make the right choices leading to increased sales, better relationships, and reduced E&O exposures, Three Dimensional Training® is the program for you--if you will put in the work. Three Dimensional Training® is for the best.

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