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Unique Agency Wide Training

Three Dimensional Training® is the ONLY training program where an entire department, and even in smaller agencies, an entire agency, is able to train on the same coverages simultaneously! No one has to leave their office and everyone receives the same training. No more guess work regarding who heard what from which instructor.

Almost any instructor can spout coverage knowledge, for days in some classes.  Conveying knowledge, though, does not always translate into learning coverages. Three Dimensional Training® is specifically designed, through research, to increase what participants learn. We studied how adults truly learn and we built the program around how our clients most effectively learn. This means less class time, a better learning environment, and deep seated learning that participants will not forget soon after the test.

We tested this program for 2.5 years. We have a powerful board of advisors. Our training and testing methods have proven extremely effective.

We offer customized training that includes everyone and is based on your forms! This is your agency’s opportunity to learn real world applications and expedite your employees’ learning curve.

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