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Fools for Teachers

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

"If you are self-taught you had a fool for a teacher." -Mark Twain

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This is one of my favorite quotes. It explains many of the reasons so many agencies fail to grow. The owners and leaders are self-taught in growing their businesses. They are self-taught in using their management systems, doing the highly unique agency accounting, managing people, managing carrier relationships, and managing almost everything. 

Managing a business should not be a DIY project and DIY projects are almost universally taught by fools. I've done so many significant DIY projects and screwed up most. I remember one of my first such projects. Nothing was working. I called my father-in-law across the country for help. He told me to rush downstairs and shut everything down before I blew up the house! After shutting everything down and figuring out if he was overstating the situation, I realized he’d understated the situation. It was a close call!

I will never, ever forget to be sure pressure valves are installed the correct direction again! I was self-taught. I was a fool. But the lesson is one of the stickiest educations I've ever received. Being self-taught, going to the school of hard knocks provides a great education because it is so painful, so difficult, and so hands-on. The hands-on aspect is why this education can work, but it is painful, and the teacher is a fool.

What if you could get that hands-on quality education without the pain? What if you could get unforgettable lessons without being self-taught? What if you could have the best of all worlds?

Burand Insurance Education has developed the solution: Three Dimensional Training®. This coverage training is completely designed for hands-on, deep, memory muscle education. It is hard. People have to work, but the results are fantastic. My firm is seeing producers outsell their peers by 3 to 1 and this is not even a sales program! Moreover, E&O exposures decrease and client satisfaction increases.

If you are ready for the value of self-training without the pain, contact me today.

If you are interested in learning about business income in a proactive, interactive environment, contact me today to learn more about Burand Insurance Education's world class business income program at:


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