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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Do you ever find yourself in a stressful, challenging situation trying to remember coverages in front of a client? Do you ever find yourself trying to remember something someone said in a class six months ago? Do you feel the pressure to answer quickly and confidently but you draw a blank?

One reason this happens is because the kind of education common in the industry does not prepare people for these situations. The result is a blow to one's confidence, sometimes a lost sale, less respect from clients, sleepless nights and anxiety.

At Burand Insurance Education, LLC, I spent 2.5 years studying how to permanently change the way people think of coverages and then building an education system that will permanently implant knowledge in our participants' brains. This is important for many reasons.

In an article in the Wall Street Journal, Oct 20, 2018, the author states the following, "We know, too, that training and conditioning alters pathways in the brain and can help mitigate stress and promote calm in fearful situations." Our education program, Three Dimensional Training®, is not just an education program where sages on podiums talk for hours. Three Dimensional Training® is training. High quality training is also conditioning and ours is based on cognitive psychology so that people know how to think through difficult situations naturally. The difference is huge and awesome.

The same Wall Street Journal article goes on to support this. "A study published in the journal PLOS Biology last year showed, for example, how training instills a kind of autopilot setting. Researcher Sirawaj Itthipuripat at the University of California, San Diego, measured brain activity when people were learning a task and found that less was needed after training, though improvement in performance remained." To paraphrase another cited study, this kind of training reduced stress.

We have had numerous participants tell us, post training, how their stress loads were reduced. We've had people tell us they are sleeping better at night (versus sleeping in insurance classes).

Three Dimensional Training® works because it trains the brain to understand insurance exposures and coverages so much more deeply that conveying knowledge, selling coverages, and building relationships with clients becomes second nature. You now have a choice between traditional education and life changing training. To learn more, visit

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