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What is the #1 cause of E&O Claims? Inadequate Coverage!

Updated: Aug 25

The issue is not rocket science, nor brain surgery, and not even chemistry. The simplicity of the problem makes for a really simple solution: Sell the right coverages!

I suppose another solution is to advertise you are incompetent so that your standard of care is nil. I am never sure why so many agents are so taken aback when I suggest that if they do not want to sell the right coverages, they should let prospects know they are incompetent. For some reason, they seem to think they should not have to notify prospects of their incompetence. In other words, they seem to want to be perceived as professionals while acting incompetently.

What is the best solution for selling the right coverages? Know your coverages. I find people who know their coverages sell more coverage. It is so much easier to sell a product/service you understand. For example, I find producers who have a good understanding of business income sell more business income. When I ask producers who do not understand business income why they do not sell more business income coverage, the most common response is they do not understand the coverage and/or how to help clients complete the income estimate sheets. It is funny how knowing what you are doing is such a great aid to convincing clients to purchase coverages they truly need.

Additionally, when producers know coverages and the prospect/client foregoes purchasing a coverage they most likely need, most producers find it easier to push harder because they have the confidence their knowledge provides. This knowledge gives them the conviction to push. It is hard to have conviction without knowing the coverage.

Furthermore, if an insured still does not buy the coverage, people that understand their coverages seem better prepared to discuss how the insured, in deciding to self-insure, should prepare themselves and their balance sheets in the event of a claim.

If you want to minimize your E&O exposures, increase your sales, and better protect your clients, learn your coverages. Contact us today to learn about our unique Three Dimensional Training® program to help your producers build their coverage knowledge!

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